New York Commercial Prescriptive Electric Program

Please have the following information available prior to beginning your application. Documents can be uploaded in the following formats (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, .docx, .zip).

The prescriptive rebate process is designed to be simple and efficient. All the customer needs to do is complete the application and attach the necessary documents. Orange and Rockland will then review the application and equipment specifications for eligibility in order to process the rebate. Some rebates may require an on-site verification inspection prior to payment. Please review the eligibility requirements for the appropriate measures below.

Prescriptive Unitary Air Conditioners:

Qualifying splits systems must have both a new condenser and a new coil that meets ARI specifications and where the matched system performance (condenser and coil) meets or exceeds the minimum SEER/EER outlined in the tables below. Proposed equipment ratings shall be taken from the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) Certification Directory. All projects must pass O&R’s cost-effectiveness screening to be eligible for rebates.

Prescriptive Variable Speed Drive Eligibility Requirements:

VSDs installed on pumps servicing secondary chilled water loops or variable air volume (VAV) air handler supply fans are eligible for incentives. Custom incentives may be available for other VSD applications. VSDs must be replacing existing constant speed motor controls. Facility must be an existing facility. New construction and expansions are not eligible for these rebates; however, custom incentives may be available. Fans and pumps controlled by VSDs must operate a minimum of 2,000 hours per year. VSDs must be equipped with a minimum of 3% impedance series reactor in its AC power input connection. All projects must pass O&R’s cost-effectiveness screening to be eligible for rebates.

Please note that you will have to submit a new application for each customer and program option. If you are enrolling in more than one program option and/or submitting multiple customer enrollments, please utilize the "Save contact for later use in your contact list?" feature in each section. Therefore, you only have to enter the information once and can select that contact for later use in all applications.

Online Program Portal User Guide

For instructions on how to enter an application in the online portal, please click here to download the O&R C&I Prescriptive Program Portal User Guide

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